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बढ़ती गर्मी के बीच कुरुक्षेत्र शहर में कुछ ऐसा हुआ जिसने यहां की महिलाओं और लड़कियों को राहत भरी ठंडक पहुंचाई। उन्हें यह अहसास कराया कि कोई है जिसे उनकी उन बातों की भी फिक्र है जिसके बारे में वे जानना समझना चाहती हैं, पर कोई है ही नहीं जिससे वे खुलकर बात कर सकें।

Cyclone Mekunu was downgraded to a tropical storm on Saturday after lashing eastern Yemen and southern Oman, leaving several people dead in its wake and soaking arid Oman and Yemen under 200 ml of rainfall.

Months after the release of 'Padmaavat', Deepika Padukone has finally signed a new project, said a media report.

As a parent, majority of my time is spent coming up with different ways to get my baby to eat. 

Actor Kit Harington will be getting married to his "Game of Thrones" co-star Rose Leslie on June 23. The couple met on the fantasy show in 2012, where they played on-screen lovers -- Jon Snow and Ygritte. Their engagement was announced in September last year.

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