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Recreating the viral ‘Oscar selfie’, which featured several Hollywood stars in one picture, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posed with Bollywood superstars as a sign of the “great friendship” between India and Israel on Thursday night.

More than six million people have signed up as blood donors on Facebook’s “blood donations feature” in India, making it the largest online blood registry in the country, a company executive said on Thursday.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are one of the most popular interracial couples in the world. While the former is a member of the British royal family, the latter has mixed lineage — Meghan’s dad is Caucasian and mother is African American. She will also be the first American divorcée to marry into the royal kin in nearly 81 years. Here are other such pairs that make for a powerful twosome...

She has witnessed the highs and lows of the Indo-Israeli relationship from 1961. She watched it up close and personal, though behind-the-scene, but nevertheless completely unadulterated.

The Supreme Court today paved the way for the nationwide release of Bollywood movie ‘Padmaavat’ on January 25 by staying the ban on the screening of the controversial film in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

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