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Baaghi 2 actress Disha Patani on working with Tiger Shroff: We're both understanding and competitive Baaghi 2 actress Disha Patani on working with Tiger Shroff: We're both understanding and competitive

Baaghi 2 actress Disha Patani on working with Tiger Shroff: We're both understanding and competitive

Mar 29, 2018

After facing the camera for the first time for a Telugu film called Loafer in 2015, Bareilly-raised Disha Patani was introduced to Bollywood with Neeraj Pandey’s MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, one of the highest grossing films of 2016 that also kind of resurrected Sushant Singh Rajput’s career.

Disha played Dhoni's ex-flame and won over the audience with her sensitive performance, and her star power has been growing since then. She was next seen in Indo-Chinese production Kung Fu Yoga, an action adventure comedy alongside global action star Jackie Chan before joining her rumored boyfriend Tiger Shroff in upcoming action love story, Baaghi 2.

Excerpts from an interview with one of the youngest actresses in B-town who has set the social media on fire:

Baaghi 2 is an adaptation of the Telugu film Kshanam (2016). Have you watched it? Or was that not required?

Yes, kind of. I haven't seen the entire film. Ours is a fresh film. I trust my director Ahmed Khan who knows it all. I don’t think there was a need to watch the other film. I am really excited about Baaghi 2. I am excited for people to see my work. It's a strong story, one that I hope people can connect with and relate to.

You and Tiger seem to have a great bonding, how was it working together?

When you do some scenes, you need that kind of understanding, especially when you have to improvise. You know that person will not be taken by surprise. We are both super energetic. We have the competitive spirit too, especially while dancing.

While Tiger plays an army man, not much is known about your character in Baaghi 2.

My character is still very suspicious, one will know all about it when the film is out for all to watch. The film is about rebels in love and they are fighting the world to make their lives happier.

Would you be interested in doing an out-and-out action film?

I haven’t given it a thought. I can work in an action film but it all depends upon the story. But I do feel that we should have female-oriented action films being made. But unfortunately, not many producers are ready to invest in such films. Katrina (Kaif) did lot of action in Tiger Zinda Hai but we have never had a full-fledged female action film. Hopefully, this will change with time. Films are a reflection of people’s perspective and are made to cater to their taste. Once the audience accepts that then films will start showcasing women in action roles.

What do you like and dislike about your co-star?

He is very focused, hard-working and a nice human being. The one bad thing about him is the way he cheats on his diet. We usually cheat (on the diet) together. We diet for a week or five days, then we eat sweets. He would go about talking how it is his day to gorge. Also, he doesn’t watch horror films.

Among horror flicks, which are your personal favourites?

The Conjuring (2013), Annabelle (2014), the Insidious franchise... I like all horror films. I am also fond of action and superhero films like The Avengers, Iron Man...

What do you think about Tiger's new short hair stubbled look in the film?

Tiger is looking super hot. I have known him for two to three years now. For me, he will always be a friend, he will always be the same. When you see someone every day, you don’t really notice the difference. Tiger is becoming better, he is blooming like a flower and in this film, he is looking super hot.

How was it like working with Ahmed Khan (choreographer-director) particularly since he has done a bit of acting as well in the initial years of his career?

Superb. He tolerates me a lot. I am very childish on the sets. Ask him how should I shoot and he will act it out. Sometimes he would just carry the camera and shoot himself. He would become your DoP (director of photography), choreographer, he is an all-rounder.

Tell us about your film journey, how did it all start? Was it easy or a tough ride? And what is your perception about the industry?

I was doing my B.Tech and wanted to be an air force pilot. I was quite shy and socially awkward, I never thought of becoming an actress. I participated in a beauty contest for a lark during a summer break. I was called for a shoot and a modelling agency wanted to sign me up. I also started auditioning for television commercials. I started earning good money and started feeling independent. My family has been very supportive. Soon I shifted to Mumbai and gradually movies happened. Nothing is smooth in any profession. My sister is a captain in the army and it’s as difficult. Acting is a job and I look at it that way. I’m happy and lucky to be where I am without any kind of support.

What’s your next project?

I’m doing a film down south called Sanghamitra. It will be a trilingual film. Currently, I don’t have any Bollywood project in the pipeline.

How are you approaching your career? Are you being too choosy and going slow at this point of time?

It’s about signing the right film. I don’t have anyone to shield me. If a film doesn’t work, I don’t know if I will get another chance. So any step that I take, I will have to be very careful and also proud to be doing the work I do.

The 'Ek Do Teen' song has got mixed reviews. What is your take?

I loved the remake. People are comparing it with Madhuri (Dixit) ma’am. But she is a dance legend. How can anyone be compared with her? It’s just a tribute to her. You give tribute to someone who is truly big. If tomorrow I give tribute to Beyonce or Michael Jackson, it doesn’t mean I am like them or comparing with them. I can never be them! It’s a new song, a remix and one should take it lightly. Please don’t start thinking it is an insult to the old song. I would like to believe that people are enjoying it.

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