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" Profound Divinity " - an art event by Vikram Sethi " Profound Divinity " - an art event by Vikram Sethi

" Profound Divinity " - an art event by Vikram Sethi

Nov 28, 2016

This being a group show  of three artists and one art collector. The art collector is Ms.Rama Sodhani ( whose  selection of artworks are displayed) Artists are : Ms.Sweta Jha ( Indian artist based in Singapore) , Ms.Sushma Rishi  from Delhi and Ms. Deepali Mundra from Indore.

In the words of artist Sweta Jha from India but based in Singapore "Painting is my passion. I started drawing in my childhood. Eventually this hobby became an essential part of my life. As I grew up, I had become busy with regular academics, but I never neglected my artistic skills. I used to sharpen my painting skills constantly. I turned my passion as my career because I realized that one can achieve better results and success in the field of their passion. Now my main focus is on Madhubani and Mithala style of paintings. Being based in Singapore, I have successfully promoted these paintings there and have been overjoyed with the response. Now I have the opportunity of showcasing my works here in India "

Artist  Sushma Rishi from Delhi has taken an affinity towards painting modern contemporary art with a social objective motive wherein she depicts a general feeling of community well being with women and nature. Her obsession with drawing caricatured faces with a conglomerate of expressions is depicted in her work. Use of bright vibrant colors is visible in abundance in most of her paintings since she staunchly believes that we all need that splash of vivaciousness in our lives through passionate hues.

Artist Deepali Mundra from Indore .....paints calm and serene works which depicts the meditative mind and the emotions we go through when one is in a state of meditation .Her main forte is the depth she depicts in each figurative image.

Ms.Chand Bakshi (Socialite), Vikram Sethi (Art Curator), Preeti Vohra (Model), Stuti Gupta, Anu Gupta, Rishma Singh (All art lovers and socialites). 

This show had a glittering inauguration over wine and snacks on 26th November wherein art lovers, celebrities, art collectors assembled together to appreciate the works of art on display. A few celebrities present were Ms.Shilpa Raina Wahal designer, Ms. Preeti Vohra - model, Ms.Bandana Singh of Group 4 securities, Mrs.Aruna Sethi - Chairperson of Luxury Committee, Indo American Chamber Of Commerce, Delhi Chapter, Mr.Vijay Chowdhary of luxury farm developers, Ram Rattan Group and several others. 

Model Preeti Vohra with Vikram Sethi

As per the words of art curator and organiser Mr. Vikram Sethi ....this show depicts divine forms of art which make one realise how important spirituality and meditation is in our lives, we often tend to neglect this in the daily hustle and bustle of life. Vikram Sethi won the Bharat Nirman award for the best art curator in 2015 and he has the talent to bring together a lot of talented, emerging artists and helps in promoting them. This show is on display from 26th November to 4th December in Hotel ITC Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi .

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