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Tourism (101)

You’re in the UK and in the mood for an offbeat adventure. You’d like to explore a little-known corner of the world where the winds blow like music, the air is fresh, and getting lost will lead to finding yourself.

This month, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Bangkok Airways jointly launched a new ‘Fly me to Thailand’ promotion, offering privileges, gift cards, discounts and many more special deals for travellers from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV) as well as Malaysia, Singapore and India.

Austria holds snap elections on Sunday after a corruption scandal in May prompted the spectacular collapse of the right-wing coalition government.

There was a time when the state of Meghalaya was called the ‘Scotland of the East’, en epithet given to it looking at the mesmerizing beauty and the topography of this place which was so similar to Scotland, one of the most naturally gifted places on earth endowed with unquenchable beauty of its undulating hills and valleys.

The beautiful Himalayan sanctuary of Sikkim joined the Indian union in the year 1975 thereby becoming one of its most beautiful states. It is now considered a part of the North East India which is popular for its breath-taking mountain trails, ravines, and verdant valleys together with an amalgamation of indigenous and western culture prevailing in a perfect fusion with each other just like the mellifluous varied tones of a classical symphony.

There have been guidebooks, bus tours, videos, pamphlets, walkabouts et al, but this ‘Safarnama’ app will “capture the way history in Delhi is actually held within and under the stones” in short bursts as you travel across the city.

The Austrian capital Vienna has retained its ranking as the world’s most liveable city, according to an annual report from the Economist.

The stunning mountains in Jazan remain one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular tourist attractions.

The Philippine Department of Tourism has vowed to break the 2018 record for the number of foreign tourists visiting the country.

In all probability, you wouldn’t have considered South Korea as a tourist destination, even a few years ago. Nestled between China, North Korea and Japan, this is a country often overlooked by travellers. But this tiny peninsula has a lot more to offer, than just their world-famous cosmetics and a skincare regime sworn by women all over the globe.


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