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It is spring and the last thing we wanted to do is plan a trip to Mussoorie, Manali or Mahabaleshwar. Because let’s face it, no one wants to spend hours stuck in traffic jams just to get there, then queue up to take a selfie at a waterfall or wait patiently outside for a table at that amazing restaurant your friend said you must visit. So, we decided to beat the crowd and head to Darjeeling instead.

Dubai, Jan 21, 2020 (AFP) - Dubai welcomed a record 16.73 million tourists in 2019, an improvement over the previous two years driven by soaring Chinese, Russian and Omani visitor numbers.

In a shady patch along a pristine white beach on Mahe Island, a radio spits out reggae and snapper sizzles on the barbecue, as Seychelloise Nareen tops up her rum and coke on time off from her job aboard a luxury yacht.

The United Arab Emirates on Monday introduced a multiple-entry visa scheme valid for five years for all nationalities, with the aim of turning the Gulf state into a tourism hub.

Imagine a land where every step forward takes you a few hundred years back. A land that’s deeply traditional but exudes invigorating freshness. It’s the powerhouse of Sufismand a place where overgrown fat on a lamb’s bum is as coveted as its meat.

For travel enthusiasts and people who are looking to head out for a long-haul vacation in the upcoming year, experts have suggested some top destinations where they can breath a “sigh of relief”. Lets see what they are:

Elephants dressed as Santa Claus gave out presents and candy to students in Thailand in an annual Christmas tradition in the mostly Buddhist country.

A Vietnamese entrepreneur is promoting an environmentally friendly way to sip drinks by using grass stems to make reusable, biodegradable straws.

Agra (UP), Dec 6 (PTI) Tourists will have to pay more to view the Taj Mahal from a vantage point that was inaugurated a few weeks ago, authorities said on Friday.

With seasonal highlights, and a weather that ranges from autumnal cool to proper winter cold, Japan can be breathtakingly beautiful in December.


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