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With Christmas around the corner, the whole world is getting decked up in lights and colours. Right from Disney-themed light settings in Singapore’s iconic shopping centres to the skyscrapers along Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, these places are ready to enchant its visitors.

After a two-hour drive from Dubai, crossing the border at Dibba into Musandam, Oman, we found ourselves, alone, surrounded by mountainous rocks only made visible by the full moon. The headlights of the car showed a long stretch of endless rough road ahead to us, and no sign of the highly exclusive, luxury resort to which we were headed.

One might wonder about those globetrotting array of locations in the latest blockbuster movies. Back in the so-called Golden Age of Hollywood, starting with the first talkies in 1927 until about 1960, Hollywood directors didn’t tend to go so far afield when selecting locations.

Switzerland is one country that has been immortalised for Indians, all thanks to Bollywood. The scenic Swiss Alps and arresting landscapes have paved their way into countless Bollywood movies, and into the bucket lists of so many more Indians.

Tourists flock to New Zealand to see its mossy forests, bubbling mud pools and imperious mountains. But with the garbage they leave behind threatening to ruin the experience for everyone, the country on Thursday launched a new campaign to get visitors to toss their litter in bins and otherwise take care of their surroundings.

Today, travelling with your partner is no longer a means to escape from the daily humdrum of your life. It’s a way to rediscover yourself by trying out novel experiences and setting new relationship goals. No wonder, this has given rise to terms such as a mini-moon where couples take a scaled-down holiday after the ‘I dos’ in order to save up for their big getaway or an early moon, which is a pre-wedding holiday.

While searching for great diving and turtle spotting sites in Indonesia, I chanced upon a less well-known gem, the Gili Islands. This archipelago of three paradisiacal islands, off the north-eastern coast of Bali, consists of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. We took the Marina Srikandi fast boat from Kuta, Bali, to Gili Trawangan, popularly known as the ‘party island’.

Like any country, China too has certain unwritten rules and regulations that you should follow to avoid any sort of hiccups during your trip. Being aware of these will save you a lot of trouble and embarrassment at time and ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable journey.

The Shada Mountain in Baha region is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the Kingdom, and perhaps in the Middle East, due to its unique geological formation.

It was once a much sought-after destination for tourists who wanted to experience camel safaris, golden sands, mesmerising dunes, and the rich culture and heritage of the Thar desert. Then came the Khalistan Movement of 1986 and since the borders of Rajasthan's Jaisalmer district were bound on the west and southwest by Pakistan, tourists weren't permitted beyond 45 km of this World Heritage City.




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