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Makeovers by Rashmi Batra Chhabra Makeovers by Rashmi Batra Chhabra

Celebrity Makeovers by Rashmi Batra Chhabra

Mar 17, 2018

When it comes to beauty, we love when celebs share their secrets with us—nothing makes us feel better than when we see that Beyoncé doesn’t always wake up like this and sometimes needs the assistance of Sir John, her trusted makeup artist.

In fact, makeup artists offer the perfect opportunity to see celeb beauty up close and personal with candid snaps on everyone’s favorite social media. In today’s world, fashion is not just limited to celebrities or the page 3 glitterati.

These days, anyone with a sense of style and ‘what looks good’ has a choice of options to pick from. A trend that has really caught up is wearing the look of your favourite celebrity. However, you cannot really complete an ensemble without the perfect makeup! Every celebrity has a favorite makeup artist who they rely upon whether it’s for a photo shoot or for a celebrity appearance.

It can be easily said that most of these celebrities wouldn’t have the glow and beauty they are admired for, if it weren’t for the best makeup artists! Though you may not have access to these makeup artists yourself, it is however worth it to know who all are involved behind those gorgeous images we see and drool over.

When it comes to amazing makeup artists, it doesn't get much better than Rashmi Chhabra. She is self-proclaimed "bonkers" and uses her madness to create innovative and bold makeup looks. She uses creative tools while applying makeup too, such as a potato, cotton wool, and Palmer's Glue. Celebrities can't get enough of Val either.

Rashmi Chhabra has done makeup for almost every celebrity in existence. Her makeup designs have been featured in magazines, on the runway, at awards shows, and in music videos. Not only does she do beauty tutorials and celebrity makeup, she also helped develop a makeup line. It's no wonder that she is in such high demand around the globe.

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