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Puja Mishra Puja Mishra

Beauty tips by Puja Mishra

Nov 08, 2016

BEAUTY & MAKEUP EXPERT "PUJA MISHRA" understands makeup is an art of enhancing one's best features & bring out the person's most distinguished and royal look rather than just choice of colours.

Puja Mishra provides professional makeup for fashionshoots,shows,television commercials,video shoots and weddings.puja has a team of experts who also offers freelance on location services for weddings and other occasions all over the country & abroad.

Her forte is bridal makeup,her signature brides are blend of modern,tradition and contemporary.

while creating the makeup options Puja keeps in mind the different functions/occassions of the wedding jouney and how the Indian bride wants to look different in each function,giving Brides-to-be a chance to look like a vision of perfection on her big day.

Puja believes that the wedding is a very own showstopping moment in any bride's life and they deserve t look rampready and to help you achieve that goal regular prebridal swervices are required befor the D day.

There are certain tips and tricks to turn any next door girl into a "DIVA" on her big day.

To get that perfect finish  it is essential to perp your skin,hair and body.puja ensures an indepth conversation with her bride which makes her understand bride's personality and her taste, will she like bold or subtle look, besides looking gorgeous she suggests her brides proper diet plan,health tips and to detoxify well for the natural glow.

SUNSCREENS - its very essential all thrugh the year but its needed most during summers.use a waterproof suncreen with atleast a 30 spf.

BODYSCRUBS - Its very important to exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cell, use scrub atleast once or twice in a week.

MOISTURISERS - Moisturisers are required to maintain skin health.water based moisturisers are best for normal skin types. for oily skin gel based moisturisers are preffered.for extra oily & broken skin try facial sprays with minerals.

WATER INTAKE - Drinking plenty of water keeps body hydrated and helps prevent dehydration.ATLEAST 8-10 GLASSES OF WATER IS VERY NECESSARY.

DIET - Fruits like water melon,melons,papaya,cucumbers and coconut water helps us to nourish from within.take less fatty and nutritious food .avoid fried,spicy and packaged food and drinks.

BEAUTY SLEEP - 8 hours of sleep is very essential for healthy skin and to keep dark circles and ageing at bay.

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