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Cooking With Grapes: 5 Grape-Based Recipes That Can Be A Healthy Addition To Your Winter Diet

Dec 06, 2019

Every season brings with it a bouquet of fresh produce that we can enjoy, even if for a limited period. Winter sees a range of fruits flooding the market that easily replace the mangoes and melons of summers. Grapes are one of those fruits that are much-awaited at the onset of this season and are heartily welcomed into our pantry.

They are tiny balls-like berries that we can just gobble in the mouth to get a burst of tarty plus sweet flavours. Grapes come in many varieties - black grapes, red grapes, green grapes, white grapes, and more. They are so delicious and light to eat that you can easily finish a bunch of grapes in one go. Grapes can also be used to make jam, chutney, sauce, grape seed oil and, of course, wine.

Have you ever considered cooking meals with grapes? Yes, you can make some amazing dishes with this delicious fruit that can rev up your winter diet. If you always wanted to cook with grapes but didn't know how to, here are some genius recipes that can give you a good start.

5 Grape-Based Recipes You Can Try At Home

1. Grape Chicken
This interesting dish of chicken breasts cooked with pureed grapes will make it to the top of your chicken recipes list. Chicken along with grapes is baked and then cooked in grape juice, chicken stock and butter. You'll surely love the unique pairing of grapes and chicken.

2. Carrot Salad with Black Grape Dressing Recipe
Carrot is another winter fruit that can be best used to make salad. This salad of carrots, almonds, raisins and spring onions is turned even better with a flavourful grape dressing.

3. Angoor Rabdi
This one is a must-try as winter is the season to blatantly gorge on desserts. Creamy rabdi made with the delish flavours of grapes will definitely be the highlight of your winter desserts diet.

4. Murg Manpasand
This is another chicken dish cooked in microwave with grapes, which is first marinated with yogurt, garam masala and peppercorns. This can be tasty and healthy addition to your weight loss diet this season.

5. Pomfret With Grapes
Fish lovers, this one is for you. Pomfret fillets are fried with a range of spices till they turn golden brown. The dish is garnished with grapes, herbs, nuts and lemon juice, and makes for a wholesome and delicious dish for lunch or dinner.

Make 'eating during winters' more interesting with these dishes made with grapes. Stock your kitchen with this delicious and healthy fruit and try these recipes at home for some worthy meals

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