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UN Secretary General meets with President Designate Carolina Schmidt & visits COP25 facilities UN Secretary General meets with President Designate Carolina Schmidt & visits COP25 facilities

UN Secretary General meets with President Designate Carolina Schmidt & visits COP25 facilities

Dec 02, 2019

The Chilean Minister for Environment, Carolina  Schmidt,  also  toured  the  plenary venuewhere tomorrow she will leadthe opening of the Conference at 8.00 am in the  Baker  River  Plenaryhallin  front  of  the  delegations  of  196  countries  and  the European Union.

The  Secretary  General  of  the  United  Nations, António  Guterres, gave  a  press conference  accompanied  by  the  Executive  Secretaryof  the  UNFCCC, Patricia Espinosa,  where  he  called  for strongerambition  and  commitmentsfromthe countries meeting today at IFEMA, Madrid.

“Climate-related  natural  disasters  are  becoming  more  frequent,  more  deadly, more destructive, with growing human and financial costs. Drought in some parts of  the  world  is  progressing  at  alarming  rates  destroying  human  habitats  and endangering food security.

Every year, air pollution, associated to climate change, kills seven million people. Climate change has become a dramatic threat tohuman health and security,” said Guterres.

For her part, Minister Schmidt emphatically highlightedthe sense of urgency with which the  international  communitymust  face  this Conference:  “The  effects  of climate  change  are  evident.  Heat  waves,  floods,  forest  fires, ice-melts,  droughts are realities that affect the lives of all the inhabitants of this planet. That is why we need countries atthis COP to make concrete and more ambitious commitments that allow us to reduce emissions globally. ‘Today is the time to act’is not a slogan, but a real need, an ethical requirement.”

“I  strongly  hope  that  COP25  will  be  able  to  agree  on  the  guidelines for  the implementation  of  article  6  of  the  Paris  Agreement.  That  was  unfortunately  not achieved in Katowice. This agreement will establish a solid basis for international cooperation to reduce emissions and allow for a greater role of the private sector inclimate action,” added the Executive Secretary.

After  the  meeting, Chile’s Minister for Environment, joined by Patricia  Espinosa, toured  the  plenary  where  tomorrow  Schmidt  will  formally  assume  the COP25 Presidency on behalf of Chile.

The  Executive  Secretary,  who  chaired  the  COP16 meeting in  Cancun, offered some advice to Schmidt ahead ofthe opening ceremony, after which the Chilean undertook her final logistical checksin the plenary hall where the COP25 opening ceremony will take place.

“The  role  of  the  presidency  is  to  lead, facilitate  and  generate  consensus  among countries to adopt common goals. The climate crisis affects developing countries very  differently  than  developed  countries,  but  we  must  face  it  globally.  The presidency  must  facilitate  agreements  between  these  very  different  realities, to deal with climate change multilaterally,” said Schmidt. Tomorrow  at  8.00  am Chile's presidential work  begins,  and  will  continue  until December2020, when COP26 is held in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

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