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This internship is offering Rs 1 lakh to sleep 9 hours everyday for 100 days & we're NOT joking!

Nov 29, 2019

Who doesn't like to sleep and what if we tell you, you can earn money from it. Don't be surprised! 

A startup Wakefit is offering an internship program where you will get Rs 1 lakh to sleep for nine hours. 

The sleep solutions company has announced an internship program called the 'Wakefit Sleep Internship', through which selected candidates will be asked to sleep for nine hours a day for 100 days.

To grab this internship all you have to do is to prove your love for sleeping to the company. The company, however, has one condition. You cannot use a laptop during 'work' hours. 

"The Sleep Internship initiative aims to bring back the focus on sleep health by celebrating and applauding people who obsess about sleeping well", says Director and co-founder of, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda as reported by Business Insider. 

During the internship, the company will be monitoring a candidate's sleep pattern while they sleep before and after using mattress. They will also offer counselling sessions and hand out sleep trackers to candidates.

The stipend will be offered to a candidate only after the complete data of sleeping 9 hours a day for 100 days is shared with the company.

What are you waiting for? Go, apply NOW!

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