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Herb For Health: Why and How You Should Add Sage Herb In Your Diet

Nov 18, 2019

Herbs have fast caught the fancy of gourmet chefs and health freaks alike.

The class of food has become a refreshing culinary addition that can liven up any dish with its strong flavours. There are so many herbs commonly available that we can pick out from, as per our liking. A pizza is not the same without a generous sprinkling of oregano or roasted chicken suddenly becomes tastier with a smattering of rosemary leaves.

There are so many more herbs - thyme, parsley, basil and so on - that we have now started stocking up in our kitchen to expand our culinary horizon. There is another lesser known herb that may not have climbed up the popularity charts yet, but deserves every spot on it. We are talking about sage, known as sadhoo in Hindi. 

Sage herb is used in many cuisines across the globe, and is hidden somewhere in many avant-garde meals we try in fancy restaurants. There are many varieties of sage available, but the ones that are used for culinary purposes are common sage, garden sage and Salvia officinalis (mint family).

The herb has been used for decades in herbal healing practices owing to its innumerable medicinal properties and high nutritional profile. It is easily available in markets now, so there's no reason why it should not grab a place amid our collection of herbs in our kitchen shelves. 

Benefits of Sage Herb

1. The herb is abound with vitamins, especially vitamin K. It is also a good source of vitamins A, C and E.

2. Now coming to minerals, you can find a good amount of magnesium, zinc, and copper in it. 

3. Sage is low in carbohydrates and calories, so can aid in weight loss.

4. It contains powerful antioxidants - polyphenols, which are plant-based chemical compounds.

5. Sage is also known to be a great muscle relaxer and can rejuvenate tired body and mind.

It would be an excellent move to include sage in your diet, not just for its nutritional profile but also for the alluring earthy flavour it oozes. Here's how you can use sage to enhance you food.

Uses Of Sage Herb

1. Sage herb is best had as herbal tea. Boil its leaves and make a relaxing herbal like you do with other common herbs.

2. Crushed sage can be sprinkled on soups, salads, chicken, or even your pasta or pizza for a unique taste.

3. Add the herb to your smoothies or vegetable juice for added flavour and healthfulness.

4. Another interesting way you can use sage is by adding it to your cocktail recipe.

These are only some of the common ways of using sage in your kitchen. Be experimental, be creative, and use this amazing herb to come up with tastier and healthier foods. 

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