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How to help your partner help you orgasm

Oct 31, 2019

All women have fantasised about sex. Those raw moments of kisses and embraces that lead up to an orgasm.

However, most women find it hard to get these thoughts to work for them. Around 70 per cent of women in India fail to orgasm. This is a large number for the land that has given texts such as Kamasutra.

Often it is the lack of communication of women’s wants and desires in bed that leads to just the man being pleasured. So how do you help your partner help you orgasm?

Tell him of your desires
Sex isn’t a one player game. It’s teamwork. While social conditioning has made the topic of sex a taboo, not communicating your desires to your partner leaves your partner in the dark. You deserve an orgasm and he deserves to know how to give you one. Initially, you may find it difficult to voice it out but keep at it till you have been able to express it completely. You can talk about role-playing, fetishes, sex toys all that can help you trump the sex game.
Guide him to your erogenous zones
Different women have different erogenous zones. Your partner might be skipping some parts of your body. Overall, there are your ears, lips, nape of the neck, breasts, inner thighs, belly button, vagina and butt that come under the erogenous regions. But you may have some more that need stimulation or some that need stimulation for a longer period of time, so, guide him through it.
Guide his hands
There are those moments during intercourse when you want to be touched at a specific place. Perhaps your partner is stimulating your clitoris and you want him to go back to your breasts. Keeping quiet about it is not going to help you. Instead, guide him to exactly where you want him to be at any given time throughout the intercourse.
Saying no
A lot of times women end up doing things that they have no inclination of doing in bed. Things that may make you uncomfortable in bed need to be told to your partner. For all you know, you both may figure out another way around his kinks. Staying silent and just doing everything he asks you to do is going to affect your journey towards an orgasm.
Talk about your insecurities
Lastly, your insecurities can manifest themselves as mental blocks and can ruin all the fun that you have planned. Are you worried he may get bored? Are you worried he may cum and you won’t? Do you think the position is awkward? Are you fighting off body insecurities? Taking time off and telling your partner about your reservations or mental blocks can be helpful. Sometimes you need your partner’s gentle guidance to get rid of your insecurities.

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