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India will soon announce a trade deal with US: Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal

Sep 26, 2019

Union Minister of Commerce, Industry and Railways, Piyush Goyal, on Wednesday said that trade deal between India and US would be finalised soon and remarked that chemistry and the bonding between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump are reflected in the trade talks in terms of the positivity on both sides.

Talking to ANI, Goyal expressed hope that India will soon announce a trade deal with the US. He added that New Delhi will then follow the deal with greater engagement with Washington in the future. "We will announce a deal very soon. Then we will follow it with a greater engagement going forward with the United States. The direction is very positive. The response of the US is extremely encouraging," he said.

The Union minister asserted that India is moving towards USD 5 trillion economy and very soon global community would start seeing India as a economic superpower. "India is moving towards 5 trillion dollar economy. The stage is set for India for its presence to be felt globally. All the ingredients of a growing economy and an inviting atmosphere are available in India," Goyal noted.

Goyal said that the CEOs of several big American companies are willing to invest in India and the government will take steps to create a conducive environment for these companies to invest their money in India. "The sense we get after talking to various CEOs & big businesses in America is that they are really eager to come to India. We are going to create that enabling environment to facilitate their entry into India," Goyal remarked.

The Union Minister said that US President Trump is extremely firm on fighting the menace of terorrism and he has taken several steps to wipe out terorrism from the world. "On the issue of terrorism, US President Donald Trump is extremely firm that we will have to fight this menace of terrorism. He has been taking steps internationally against terrorism," ANI quoted Goyal as saying.

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