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UFTA has called for a transport strike in Delhi-NCR today

Sep 19, 2019

As The United Front of Transport Associations (UFTA) has called for a strike in Delhi-NCR region on Thursday from morning 6 am to 10 pm, commuters are likely to encounter major travel issues. The transportation body is protesting against the steep hike in penalties for road traffic violations under the newly amended Motor Vehicles Act.

An umbrella body, UFTA, represents 41 associations and unions of goods and passenger segments, out of which Thirty-four associations of autos, taxis, private school buses, maxi cabs, OLA and Uber cabs, cluster buses under STA, Gramin Seva and large commercial vehicles have called for a strike.

United Front of Transport Associations has decided to rebel against the hiked penalties, Section 44AE of Income Tax Act, Rs 5 lakh cap on payment of vehicular insurance by insurance companies and also legislations on the health insurance of drivers.

Demanding the review and reconsideration of exorbitant penalties under the amended MV Act, Harish Sabharwal, chairman, UFTA, said, “It is nothing but a source of corruption. While the government has increased the fines, it has not supported it with any infrastructure. Why do we still not have any scientific evidence of challans?

Traffic inspectors still are not equipped with body-worn cameras or collar microphones. The government has assured that an ACP or SDM rank official will issue challans of higher value, but that did not happen.”

“On Thursday, it will be a one-day strike. But, we will have a general body meeting in two-three days. By then, if the Central or state government do not come up with a solution, then we shall go on an indefinite strike,” he added.

Noida Transport United Front has also called for a strike on Thursday alongside CNG auto associations, bus operators and cab associations.

Nearly 50,000 transport vehicles are likely to stay off the roads.

“For September 19 all companies have been notified that cab services will be affected. We have listed some demands. The government is not ready to listen to our demands, so we have no other choice but to go on strike,” stated Noida cabs association president Yogesh Verma.

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