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Narendra Modi & Putin Narendra Modi & Putin

On Russia Far East Visit, PM Refers To "Siberian Cranes-Gujarat" Link

Sep 04, 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that his visit to Russia will give a fresh boost to the relations between India and Russia.

PM Modi landed in the far-eastern city of Vladivostok early this morning. During his two-day visit, he will hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and attend the Eastern Economic Forum.

"It seems to me that nature itself connects us with the far-east. For example, every December, Siberian cranes fly to my native state of Gujarat. For them, this is a kind of tourist destination. Siberian cranes fly from there to Gujarat, many Indians go to the Far East. So this is a natural connection," PM Modi said in an interview to Russia's state-run TASS news agency.

This morning, PM Modi left for the Zvezda shipbuilding complex along with Mr Putin.

The Prime Minister on Tuesday said that New Delhi and Moscow need to take advantage of the low production cost in India to produce military equipment at cheaper rates. "Today, provided that technologies are transferred, the production of military equipment can be cheap in India. And we will be able to supply these weapons to third countries at very low prices. India and Russia need to take advantage of this opportunity," PM Modi said.

Tweeting in Russian, PM Modi shared the link of his interview in which he spoke about India-Russian relations.

He said that the partnership between India and Russia has extended beyond the framework of military and technical cooperation, pointing out Moscow's help to train astronauts for India's first manned mission, the ambitious Gaganyaan project.

"Information technologies are developing well in India and we are making success in the space sphere. Now, as we are developing the Gaganyaan project. Russia will help us train our astronauts. This cooperation is not limited to just military and technical and related fields. It goes beyond this framework," the Prime Minister said in the interview.

In another interview, he said he planned to discuss tiger conservation with Mr Putin, a lover of big cats.

The Prime Minister said that Indo-Russian partnership has extended beyond the framework of military and technical cooperation, as manifested in the help extended by Moscow to train Indian astronauts for the Gaganyaan project.

Russia and India are part of the BRICS group of major emerging economies - along with Brazil, China and South Africa.

In Vladivostok, PM Modi will attend the 5th Eastern Economic Forum as the chief guest at the invitation of Mr Putin. He will also hold the 20th India-Russia Annual Summit with the Russian President. "I am confident that this visit will give a new vector, new energy and a new impetus to the relations between our countries," PM Modi said.

Before he left for Russia, PM Modi had said in a statement, "I look forward to discussing with my friend President Putin the entire gamut of our bilateral partnership as well as regional and international issues of mutual interest."

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