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China threatens sanctions on US firms linked to F-16 sale to Taiwan

Aug 22, 2019

China on Wednesday objected to the US decision to sell 66 F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan, saying it will impose sanctions on American companies linked to the deal.

"China condemns the decision by the United States. We have already made solemn complaints to the US and call on Washington to fully recognise the serious dangers of the arms sale to Taiwan," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang was quoted by Sputnik as saying.

"China objects the US decision to approve arms sales to Taiwan and intends to impose sanctions on American companies that supply arms to the island," he said.

On Tuesday, the State Department had approved USD 8 million sale of F-16s to Taiwan. This also includes spares and military equipment aimed at modernising the self-governing island's defence capabilities.

The US and China have been engaged in a trade war with both countries levying sanctions on each other's imports.

China considers Taiwan as part of its territory even though the island has been independent from the mainland since the civil war in 1949. Beijing has previously criticised arms sales to Taiwan.

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