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Delhi: Yamuna flowing above danger mark, city on high alert

Aug 20, 2019

Delhi is on high alert as the Yamuna river is flowing above the danger mark. The situation has arisen due to excess water — 10,00,000 cusec — released by the Hathni Kund barrage on Sunday.

The Yamuna water level is expectedly going to rise to 207 metres due to the latest discharge from the barrage. At present, the water level of Yamuna river is 205.94 meters, which is 0.61 meters above the danger level of 205.33 meters.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government has set up 2120 tents for 23,860 people, who reside near banks of Yamuna river in Delhi and are expected to be affected due to the excess water which has increased in the past couple of days.

According to the latest report, around 10,000 people have been shifted from low-lying areas to relief tents as a precautionary measure.

A government official said that all arrangements including food, electricity and toilet have been made in the tents, which have been set up in case people affected due to excess water in Yamuna rivers needs to be temporarily relocated.

Earlier, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal chaired a high-level meeting of Cabinet ministers and officers of concerned departments to take stock of preparedness for any situation arising out of incoming excess water in the river.

"Delhi government has made all requisite arrangement to tackle possible circumstance. We are taking all steps to avoid any loss of life or property. Teams are working to evacuate people from low-lying areas near Yamuna bank," Kejriwal had said.

"Though there is no need to panic, I request the people living in low-lying areas especially on floodplains to vacate their houses and move in the tents set-up by the government," he added.

 Delhi's old iron bridge (Loha Pul) closed till further orders

Due to the increased water level in Yamuna River, the old iron bridge (Loha Pul) has been closed for general traffic from both sides as a precautionary measure for public safety, till further orders.

 The water level in the river was recorded at 205 meters, 0.33 meter below the danger mark.

53 boats ready for rescue operations

As many as 53 boats are ready for rescue operations. Thirty of them have been deployed at sensitive areas, an official said.

 Chief Minister Kejriwal along with his ministers will be keeping a close eye on the situations. The government has also released two emergency numbers — 22421656, 21210849.

Shift to tents set-up by Delhi govt: Kejriwal to people living in low-lying areas

Outlining the severity of increasing water-levels in Yamuna, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday urged the people living on the Yamuna floodplains and low-lying areas to move to safer places.

 "Haryana has released 8.28 lakh cusec water in the Yamuna on Sunday evening which is expected to reach Delhi in next 48 hours", Kejriwal said.

The water-level in Yamuna river has already crossed the danger mark on Tuesday. It is currently flowing 0.61 meters above the danger mark.

Earlier a Twitter user on Sunday said, "Beware Delhi. Release of 8.47 lakh cusec at Hathnikund (HKB) at 7 pm today is highest ever recorded. Tho presumably the 1978 flood was bigger but no records exist before as there was no one at then Tajewala barrage to record. If level in Delhi crosses 207.49 (1978) then this is biggest!"

 The river on Monday morning was flowing at 204.70 meters, higher than the warning mark at 204.50 meters, after the release of huge amounts of water from Hathni Kund Barrage in Haryana. The "danger mark" is 205.33 meters.

 The Delhi government has issued orders for the evacuation of people from low-lying areas and civil defence volunteers have been deployed for rescue operations.

 "We have deployed forces. Our department is ready for rescue operations. We got to know that water has been released from Hatni Kund Barrage. We will ensure that people shift to safer places," Lalit Goyal, Civil Defence Officer said.

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