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Take that: Pak PM Imran Khan has the gall to talk of 'ethnic cleansing'

Aug 12, 2019

Days after New Delhi scrapped the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan continues to drive its hate campaign against India.

On Sunday, its prime minister Imran Khan, who has been snubbed by many countries over the issue, sought to 'preach' India on how to deal with minorities.

Khan tweeted about "impending genocide" in Kashmir due to "RSS ideology inspired by Nazi ideology". He said India is trying to change the "demography of Kashmir through ethnic cleansing".

While Khan may be talking about genocide, 1971 saw Pakistani military and Islamist group Jamaat-E-Islami supported by his country massacring 3,00,000 Bangladeshis to suppress the country's freedom. This is now remembered as the Bangladesh Genocide.

The Pakistan PM also talked about Muslims being 'suppressed' in India, something he has parroted often.

Khan's rantings come despite reports continuously emerging from Pakistan that Hindu and Sikh minorities are facing persecution in the country. In March, two Hindu girls were forcibly abducted that became a national story in that country.

Sindh in southern Pakistan has a higher percentage of Hindus than the rest of the country. Three districts of Mirpurkhas (33% Hindus), Tharparkar (36% Hindus) and Umerkot (49% Hindus) contribute to the significant Hindu community in Sindh and these are the districts were most forced conversion and marriages of underage Hindu girls in Pakistan have been reported the most.

A few months ago when asked about China's treatment of Uighur Muslims in North-Western Xinjiang, a usually very vocal Imran Khan had said, "I don't know much about that".

BJP general secretary Ram Madhav trashed Khan's comments saying, "Heights of frustration from the ringleader of global terror empire Pakistan. Threat to the democratic world is from Pak-sponsored Jihadi terror, not from India." He added, "We have undone Jinnah's Two-Nation theory and Sheik Abdullah's Three-Nation theory today. Can Imran Khan end religious fascism in Pak?"

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