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Shri S. S. Anand Shri S. S. Anand


Jul 18, 2019

Shri S.S. Anand is a renowned Astrologist with over 4 decades of valuable experience.

It was world renowned Astrologer Sh. S.S Anand, who had predicted on Facebook on April 17, 2017 that "Kulbhushan Jadhav"  shall escape the verdict of being hanged.... when the world didnt know, how the events will unfold, what the verdict would be, and this legendary astrologist demonstrated boldness and clear prediction with exempelary accuracy.

Sh. S.S Anand is a highly erudite, proficient, and seasoned personality in the field of astrology. In fact, he is counted among the topmost Astrologers of the World who have made enormous predictions with success. He is one of the few astrologers who believes in personalized predictions and not generalized forecasts.

He is the first astrologer in the world who understands the Genes astrologically and has given the astrological world a new concept 'THE ART OF DECODING THE GENES'. This, path breaking technique, evolved by Sh. S. S. Anand links past life karmas and their influence on present life as reflected in the horoscope and existence of free will.

This unique interpretation helps him to understand and suggest real life solutions that minimize the problems in the present life and ease pain and suffering in any given situation.  Sh. S.S. Anand has mastered 'The art of decoding the genes' which results in providing accurate, date-wise predictions that has made him famous internationally.

Sh. S.S Anand offers Astro remedies for : Inferiority complex, depression, fears & phobias, anxiety, guilt, casual attitude etc, Marriage, love affair, relationship, emotional, physical & mental compatibility, family problems, child related issues etc or for that matter Health related issues i.e Karmic influences on Health issues, suggesting appropriate curative system for specific health problems etc. He even consults on Education:  examination fear, subject and career counseling, study habits, adjustment to school environment, guidance in vocational aptitude, overcoming career obstacles and dealing with business & profession.

He has redefined astrology in modern terminology which is highly commended by international Astro community.

His predictions on various National & International issues have been pertinent and widely acclaimed and published in newspapers and magazines such as Starbuzz (Canada), Jansatta, Times of India, Navbharat Times, Dinman etc.

Sh. S.S Anand is a counselor, guide, coach & mentor, who understands the problems of his clients and offers curative remedies.

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