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Dance for a Cause’ Dance for a Cause’

New Jersey State, USA honours Soparrkar for his initiative ‘Dance for a Cause’

Jul 10, 2019
Dance, music and drama have always been great way to build bridges, with the use of art awareness can be brought about very easily and the correct message can be sent put to the society.
With a performance when an artist touches the heart and souls of the audience it proves that awakening of the society has started. The biggest award for them is the audiences’ reaction and love.
Recently Bollywood ace choreographer Sandip Soparrkar was in New Jersey in USA to promote his National Excellence award winning initiative ‘Dance for a Cause’ with the aim to generate awareness on domestic violence at the USA Dance day event organised by Varsha Naik and Navrang Dance Academy.
At the event he received the highest State honor in USA. ‘Assembly Resolution’ by the New Jersey State, USA signed by honorable speaker of the General Assembly Mr. Craig J Coughlin and Clerk of the General Assembly Ms. Dana M Burley.  The prestigious award was handed over to him by honourable Assemblyman Mr. Robert J Karabinchak, Assemblywomen Ms. Nancy Pinkin and Councilman Ajay Patil.
Speaking on the receiving such a prestigious honour Soparrkar said, “I am in totally overwhelmed that such an honour has been bestowed upon me, being a foreigner in The United States the government found my initiative worth an award, I am humbled and feel privileged to receive this award from the New Jersey State.
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