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6th edition pro fight AKBF at Marwah Studio 6th edition pro fight AKBF at Marwah Studio

6th edition pro fight AKBF at Marwah Studio

Jul 01, 2019
Time has changed and history is being made once again. Every one has witnessed some Unusual positive things happened as expected before.
Some players did there debut like Sachin Nautiyal who is an amazing southpaw boxer, being predicted by Mubashir before fight that he will knokout his opponent in 1st min of opening round, So what he did as expected knocking down Sachinder Singh.
King Amjad Khan (International boxing promoter) makes the day flawless by inviting some great personalities into this event,Presence of honorable guest Mr Wajid Ali(DIG of BSF), SM Khan and Ex IAS Narian Kakkar.
They all witnessed a greatness and bravery shown by every boxers inside the ring. Sponsors of this edition are Monster EnergyPintola, Yogabar.
Moreover, A brand of mouth guard DDMG being launched by Dr Sandeep Nijhawan and his son Dr Taranpreet Nijhawan gets a positive response from most of the players who uses this mouth guard in there bout, Even all guest and judges were amazed by the 3D technology use by them to make this phenomenal mouth guard.
Its going to be a great challenge for DDMG in near future to hold its value in the market.
All Credit goes to AKBF team and promotions by Ak, lead us to Organise this memorable event. Mr Saurabh Pal being a manager of Akbtc team has done his role in controlling the hard situation during event,He deserves to be a best among team.
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