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Rahul Gandhi Trails Smriti Irani Rahul Gandhi Trails Smriti Irani

Rahul Gandhi Trails Smriti Irani In Amethi As Early Leads Come In

May 23, 2019

Congress president Rahul Gandhi is trailing in Amethi, his constituency in Uttar Pradesh since 2004.

 As early leads came in, Rahul Gandhi was behind the BJP's Smriti Irani. Rahul Gandhi is also contesting from Wayanad in Kerala, where he is leading.

 Amethi, a dusty, largely rural constituency around 130 km from UP capital Lucknow, features one of the most watched battles in this national election.

 Smriti Irani campaigned aggressively in Amethi, where she had contested and lost to Rahul Gandhi in 2014 but had managed to reduce his winning margin to one lakh. She kept visiting the constituency regularly and launched central schemes there.

 Rahul Gandhi, his party's chief campaigner across India, was accused by the BJP of neglecting his constituency.

 If Rahul Gandhi loses in his traditional seat, a Congress stronghold that has remained with the Gandhi family for decades, it will be a huge victory for the BJP.

 The Congress has not lost the seat in the last three decades, except in 1998.

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