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Violence Violence

Violence at BJP chief Amit Shah's mega road show in Kolkata

May 15, 2019

Violence at BJP chief Amit Shah's mega road show in Kolkata; Party complains to EC; BJP accuses TMC youth wing of attacking their party President.

West Bengal has been hogging the headlines this election season. The BJP is pulling out all stops to challenge West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in her home state. The BJP has intensified campaigning in the state.

 Party President Amit Shah held a roadshow in Kolkata North on Tuesday where supporters turned out in large numbers.

 Amit Shah travelled in an open vehicle acknowledging the heavy turnout of people. But in a sudden twist, Amit Shah's vehicle was attacked and his roadshow disrupted.

 Speaking to the media Amit Shah pointed to how the attack took place despite police presence.

 Earlier, another controversy broke out when police allegedly removed some posters of BJP. BJP leaders raised slogans in protest against the Mamata govt.

 In Delhi, a BJP delegation met the Election Commission and complained against recurring violence in West Bengal.

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