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 5 Brilliant Hacks To Pack Mess-Free Lunch For Work 5 Brilliant Hacks To Pack Mess-Free Lunch For Work

5 Brilliant Hacks To Pack Mess-Free Lunch For Work

May 09, 2019

No matter how much effort we put in to pack our lunches securely, they still tend to spill. Runny curries, salad dressing, sauces may leak even from air tight containers, which we so hopefully brought home by shelling out e

xtra bucks. Squishy breads can make the task of opening and eating the food even messier. Lunch break in the middle of a chaotic day gives us the chance to have some peaceful and rejuvenating time. The sight of our bag soiled with spillage from lunch box or our table strewn with bits of food will only spoil the day. That leaves us with the alternative to carry only dry meals or order in. But, we are smart enough to understand that eating outside food every day is not good for health. Eating dry food every day amid a rough day is not a great idea either.Pay off your hard work with a heart-filling, uncompromising meal. You can take your favourite foods to work, without the risk of spillage by putting in a little more thought and effort into it. End your lunch-time woes with these genius hacks to pack your lunch box.

How should your pack your lunch securely:

 1. Invest in high quality food-grade containers. Steel, borosil or plastic - make sure you get good quality boxes with tight lids. You can test the efficacy of the boxes at the store by filling it with water and shaking it to check for leakage.

2. While packing curries or curd, fill the box and cover the mouth with a tightly taped aluminium foil paper. Only after pressing firmly the foil on all sides of the mouth of the box, close its lid over the foil. The layer of foil between the lid and the box will prevent the food from leaving the insides of the box.

3.Salad is one of the healthiest meal options. Many people pack salad in a box and carry the dressing separately in a bottle to avoid spillage. To save yourself the hassle of carrying extra weight, layer the box with the liquid dressing first and top it with the dry salad mixture. Most of the dressing will remain crushed down by the salad for a couple of hours. At noon, open the box and mix the salad and the dressing thoroughly and enjoy your healthful salad.

4. Here's a brilliant trick to prevent cold sandwiches from softening and eventually turning mushy. Pack your sandwich in an aluminium foil and keep aside. Pack some ice cubes or dry ice in a clear wrap and place it at the bottom of the box. Now place the wrapped sandwiches on top of it and close the box. The ice will keep the food fresh and sturdy the whole day.

5. Ditch aluminium foil and plain dinner napkins for packing finger foods, salads and fruits. Wrap them in absorbent tissues, which will suck in any liquid oozing out from the food. When you will open the box on your work station for a quick bite in between the meals, you won't have to worry about messing up your table or your hands.

Be a smart packer and relieve yourself from everyday lunch despair by following the aforementioned lunch packing tricks. Eat mess-free and enjoy a more productive day at work.



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