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 Unfolding an Extravaganza! Unfolding an Extravaganza!

Unfolding an Extravaganza!

May 05, 2019
An extravaganza it was, indeed! What began as a casual interaction and sharing of ideas, at '**52 Janpath, cafe, Bar & Courtyard' venue partner** on Wednesday night,
between creative people soon turned into mind-boggling insights from artists across the creative fabric. The energy in the room was a delight to watch.
With the screening of **web series ‘That Good Ugly Day’ by Ajay Rajpal, **a popular face among the who’s who of Delhi, the audience connected with the theme of issues towards modern arena of parenting.
Ajay, in further interaction to us, revealed on his future project on ‘**LGBT**’. He believes that as a society, we need creativity as a lens to harp on issues that normally are a taboo in society.
One thing led to another and creativity found its outlet in the *exhibition of paintings by Sid B,*an exceptional curator who brings life to art in his own style.
Sid B dished the inspiration behind his latest collection and displayed different Genres this time by five different artist *Dipti Kasliwal, Divya Kohli, Varsha Kothari, Devika Bahri & Shivali Gupta.*
The party witnessed prominent faces from all walks of life. From social media bloggers, influencers, diplomats to civil society, everyone seemed to relish the amazing fusion of art, creativity, and vision.
While the party had some foot-tapping numbers, thanks to the eclectic taste of the DJ, what made it extremely chic was the trickling of fine wine and lip-smacking delights.
This was one event that had the perfect semblance of co-ordination from not just the entire team, but also, *model Ankur Goyat*, who was hosting the entire evening. As the night ended, everyone had something to feel rejuvenated about.
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