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Oscars 2019: Top 5 Hollywood beauty trends from ​the red carpet​ last year

Feb 21, 2019

The Oscars red carpet has given way to the most iconic style and beauty trends over the years. Be it couture magic to the finest make-up trends, Oscars has always delivered the finest.

From sculpted classic hairdos to emerging newer definitions of beauty, the coveted award’s red carpet has witnessed the evolution of beauty alongside fashion and it has paved the way for newer, signature trends to set a benchmark for the industry.

Each year, our favourite celebrities who have impacted us with their scope of work also leave a trend memory to follow and admire. From Angelina Jolie’s famous feline make-up in 2009 to Jennifer Lopez’s rocking the baby pink glossy lipstick and a high ponytail look in 2015, from Lupita Nyong’o’s fascinating hairdo in 2015 to Frances McDormand’s bare-faced loveliness last year, some looks have stayed with us. As the Oscars 2019 is upon us, a quick throwback to the top beauty trends that graced the red carpet last year.

Powerful elegance

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot who appeared on the red carpet last year ruled the red carpet in a Givenchy gown with vivid layers of silver and gunmetal fringe. She completed the look with a vintage statement necklace and a neat hairdo. The velvety choice of lip colour went well with the powerful metallic ensemble.

Chic Charm

Margot Robbie looked ethereal in a white Chanel gown and jewellery and the hairstyle is a total inspiration for women who like to keep it short. Her make-up was tonal and it went well with the minimal appeal. The vibe was quite 90s supermodels and she was everything youthful and graceful.

Delicate Finesse

Saoirse Ronan was a truly a rosy delight at the red carpet last year. She arrived in a pink Calvin Klein By Appointment dress and the lively glow on her face was a reminder of the cherry blossoms. The stylish blunt gave the time-honoured hairstyle a new meaning and who doesn’t love a nicely done subtle pink blush?

The Striking Warrior

Jennifer Lawrence looked nothing less than a new-age warrior princess in the pewter-toned, sequined-covered fitted bodice Dior dress. The natural wavy curls were the perfect choice for the free-spirited actress we love. The gold-toned smoky eye with shadowy wings and the sinister orange-red lip set major beauty goals.

Sophisticate Glamour

Emma Stone gave bold and beautiful a new meaning on the red carpet last year. The actor wore a silk Louis Vuitton suit with a pink bow tied around her waist and glistening earrings. She completed the look with a rosy smoky eye and a side-parted hairdo. Fresh and youthful, the look remains as one of our favourites.

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