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Shibani Dandekar on relationship with Farhan Akhtar

Feb 07, 2019

Much has been said and written about singer Shibani Dandekar and actor Farhan Akhtar being in a relationship. And the constant buzz around the pictures they post on social media with each other only add fuel to these speculations. Even the captions and comments they leave on each other’s pictures say a lot more than they actually write.

When asked about how she deals with the constant buzz around her dating rumours with Farhan, and Shibani says, “I don’t feel anything about that at all. We are putting out what we put out. People are going to take it however they want to.

Anything they have gathered is from social media handles anyway, so it’s not something ‘uncovered’ kind of. I just post what I want to, it’s as simple there’s no strategy or trying to send out a message in any way...”

The two have been pretty comfortable making public appearances together, in fact, walking hand-in-hand on some occasions. The only thing that’s left now is for them to either confirm or deny the link-up buzz. Hasn’t she ever felt the need to be open about it? “I expect people to understand from the pictures,” Shibani continues, “I think a picture speaks a thousand words.

When I post something, it’s there for the people to see. I don’t think you need to write a caption or say something; it’s there in the picture(s). Whatever is there is what you want to take and make from it… I don’t think we are going out about to hide anything or announce anything. It is what it is.”

On the professional front, Shibani has her hands full with the Malayalam and Telugu remakes of the 2014 film Queen, and, in both, she plays the role of Vijayalakshmi (a character played by Lisa Haydon in the original). On why we haven’t seen her in Hindi films much, she says, “I think it’s just about finding something that works.

People tend to call me for only one thing — NRI-based roles. I’d like to change that and expand a little bit, and have more substance. How I talk, the accent I have, and my personality — people tend to see me in that way, (I have) that kind of vibe. To imagine me doing something (else) is difficult for some people, and not just NRI, which is nothing wrong, but I want a little bit more variety in terms of roles.”

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