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How Consuming Avocado Oil Can Help Diabetics

Feb 01, 2019

Type-2 diabetes is a condition that affects the way our body processes blood sugar or blood glucose. In the condition, either the body is incapable of producing insulin or the insulin produced is not able to control the levels of blood glucose, due to insensitivity. Insulin is a key hormone that is responsible for controlling our blood sugar levels, and in type-2 diabetes, the pancreas is not able to produce the adequate amount of hormone, required to regulate blood sugar.

The condition is chronic and may last for our whole life. However, it is manageable and can be diagnosed and controlled through medication and guided dietary practices. The role of healthy fats (mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids) in regulating blood sugar is well known.

Unsaturated fats may help in fighting bad cholesterol in the blood and reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases. Olive oil, rapeseed oil and avocado oil are all rich in polyunsaturated fats, and hence, are considered healthier than processed oils for cooking and consumption. While the first two oils may be more popular, avocado oil is a relatively lesser known healthy fat that diabetics may include in their diets.

Avocado Oil For Type-2 Diabetes
Here Are Some Lesser Known Benefits Of Avocado Oil:
1. Boosts Heart Health
Avocado oil is abundantly rich in heart-healthy oleic acid, which has numerous health benefits. Avocado oil has been found to have positive effects on reduction of blood cholesterol levels and it may reduce triglycerides in blood as well.

2. Aids Weight Loss
Avocado oil may boost weight loss. This is because the healthy fats present in the oil promote satiety, preventing the need for you to eat more often. However, fats are rich in calories, and therefore, avocado oil must be used sparingly and must be a part of a carefully planned weight loss diet that restricts calories, in order to show results.

3. Improves Insulin Sensitivity
A fat-rich diet that contains plenty of mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids has been said to have positive effects on people with insulin insensitivity.

4. Fights Free Radicals
The antioxidants present in avocado oil reduce oxidative stress by hunting free radicals, thereby, reducing risk of heart diseases and type-2 diabetes. Additionally, for those suffering from diabetes, consuming avocado oil may help protect organs against free radical damage.

It is very easy to consume avocado oil. One can simply drizzle it over salads, add it to smoothies, use it to roast vegetables and even top it on cold soups and gazpacho.

Make sure you consult your nutritionist or doctor, before adding this high-fat oil to your diabetes diet.

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