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Top Reasons Why You Are Not Having An Orgasm Top Reasons Why You Are Not Having An Orgasm

Top Reasons Why You Are Not Having An Orgasm

Jan 08, 2019

What's worse than not being able to get an orgasm? Losing it while you are almost about to have it.

The idea of orgasm may feel like an illusion for some women. Some women who cannot climax at all! This phenomenon is completely normal, but can be really frustrating at times.

It is thus important to find out why you are unable to have an orgasm. Both physical and mental factors can influence a woman's orgasm. In this article, we talk about the mental health factors which affect orgasm or make a woman lose it. Keep reading...

You need to first roll out the common reasons which affect your orgasm, which can either be alcohol (which numbs the nervous system), or an underlying medical condition.

Diseases like heart disease, diabetes or any other condition which affects blood circulation or the nervous system can be the reason why you are not having an orgasm. Hormonal imbalance or major hormonal shift, as in the case of menopause, can also be behind a difficult-to-have orgasm.

1. Post-traumatic stress disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a severe kind of disorder which triggers fight-or-flight response within someone who has experienced a traumatic event in the past. These events include the likes of threat or an injury, physical abuse, sexual abuse or other kinds of trauma. Such events can make it difficult for a person to experience arousal or even the desire to indulge in sexual intercourse. Impact of trauma on brain impacts sexuality, especially in case the trauma is unprocessed.

2. Anxiety

While many people experience anxiety on a daily basis, there are some who experience a more severe version of it. At times, anxiety can also be the reason behind a difficult-to-achieve orgasm. This usually happens because anxiety creates a lot of busy thoughts and distracts a person from arousal. Many people are unable to get an orgasm because of performance anxiety, in which they keep thinking about how they are performing sexually.

3. Depression

Depression is a mental health condition which can result in low libido, especially in people who are on anti-depressants. You can consult your doctor in case you feel antidepressants are affecting your sex life. Also, you can work on more stimulation by indulging in foreplay for a longer period of time.

4. Body image issues

Body dysmorphia is a psychiatric disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with even very slight imperfection in their body or a flaw in their mind which actually doesn't exist. This condition makes a person go much beyond disliking a particular part of the body and this fixation can come in way of reaching an orgasm. The ideal of having an orgasm is to ease yourself and let it happen.

5. Having unrealistic expectations

Pornography or even the intimacy displayed in films can be the reason behind this. People tend to believe that orgasms feel exactly the same way as it is features in such films, and this can actually lead to miss their own orgasm in real life. It has to be noted that not every woman can have multiple orgasms and neither can everyone have obvious orgasms.

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