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 These 5 changes will help you fix all your relationships These 5 changes will help you fix all your relationships

Expecting less is the key to happiness. These 5 changes will help you fix all your relationships

Nov 23, 2018

Expectations make up boring. They challenge our capability and possibility to change, instead they focus on how we want things to change around us without making any efforts ourselves.

Wanting more isn’t wrong but it also destroys us in the process of going from unfulfilled to an imaginary fulfilling space. We all encounter love, loss, disappointment, fear, all different branches of expectations in one form or the other, but the question is that where does this dark tunnel takes us? How do we understand the meaning and implication of what is enough?

Hope is like fantasy. We imagine it in our heads and then wait for the entire universe to collide and make it happen but this fantasy that we live everyday, what is the outcome, what happens when that hope encounters reality? When you will never be the person you expect to be, the possibility of others transforming in the same way seems like a far away dream.

These 5 changes will help you improve all your relationships.


Self-dependency is tough but immensely empowering. Before you set a series of expectations as far as people are concerned, think about how you can fulfill them yourself. Take charge of everything that makes you happy. Don’t depend upon others to bring that happiness and functionality in your life. Love and nurture yourself as much as you expect those people to do for you. We still haven’t discovered something more powerful than self-help.

Be grateful

Having a send of gratitude can bring add a lot of positivity to your life. If we start being grateful for what we have, life will seem much more balanced than ever. Glass full or glass half, the choice is yours. It will lead to well-adjusted relationships, be it your partner, parents, friends or your workmates. A grateful person is lovingly remembered and appreciated in all rungs of life.

Stop seeking returns

The world thrives on give and take, but mostly what we worry about is what we are getting. Take a step back and think about what are you giving in return, rather than seeking it all the time. Whatever you do, do it for yourself. Even when you are doing something for someone, think about the joy and peace it brings to you. Kindness is the most beautiful thing you can wear. It comes for free.

Assess your expectations

Expecting isn’t wrong unless you are hell bent on the condition of it being fulfilled at any cost. Stop and think if the bars you have set are too high for the other person to accomplish. Be generous and patient with those who you think should help you achieve those goals. Procrastinate in a more productive way always works.

Visit the vantage point

At times, it really helps to step out of the equation and looking at the scenario as an outsider. Start believing in visiting the vantage point more often to get clarity as to what is the bigger picture. This practice will help you in assessing your life in a much sorted way and all the relationships around you will benefit from the same.

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