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Avoid gifting green hats, tipping: 5 things not to do in China Avoid gifting green hats, tipping: 5 things not to do in China

Avoid gifting green hats, tipping: 5 things not to do in China

Written by  World News Web Desk Oct 27, 2018

Like any country, China too has certain unwritten rules and regulations that you should follow to avoid any sort of hiccups during your trip. Being aware of these will save you a lot of trouble and embarrassment at time and ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Here are a list of things you should be careful about when in China:

Be careful with your gifts

There are certain items which are considered unlucky in China and should not be given as gifts. When wrapping your gift, do so using red, yellow or pink coloured paper. White is a strict no-no as it signifies bad luck. Clocks are associated with death, so they’re not a wise choice while green hats are also a taboo gift. The phrase ‘to wear a green hat’ means ‘to be cuckold by one’s unfaithful wife.’

Avoid tipping

Tipping is not practiced in China and waiters and bellboys do not expect tips and could even get offended when offered money. The only exception to this rule is the tours which are for foreign visitors. The guides depend on tips as an integral part of their income.

Carry toilet paper

Most public toilets don’t provide toilet paper, so to avoid being caught in an extremely embarrassing situation, always carry toilet paper with you.

Avoid politically sensitive subjects

When visiting popular tourist attractions like Tian’anmen Square or when interacting with government and police officials, do not touch upon any political topics. It would also be unwise to criticise the country, as it could land you in trouble.

No soles please

When at someone’s house, avoid pointing the soles of your feet to them, as it is considered rude. You should also remove your shoes when entering someone’s house, but that is something that differs from person to person.

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