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3 Reasons You Should Never Sleep With Your Makeup On

Aug 08, 2018

Whether it's something you do often or as a rare occurrence, we've all been guilty of forgetting to remove our makeup before going to bed at some point or another.

It doesn't feel great in the morning, but sometimes, one just can't help but get their tired selves straight to bed. You should know that waking up feeling slightly gross and sticky is not the only thing that happens when you go to sleep with makeup on, though. In the long run, leaving your makeup on all night can cause your skin some major harm. If you tend to skip cleansing your skin and ridding it of makeup at night, here are a few things you should know.

1. Sleeping with foundation on can cause inflammation

 Sleeping with any kind of makeup on is damaging, but foundation is probably one of the worst offenders. Foundations are often thick and and oil-based - and failing to remove it properly at the end of the day can lead to clogged pores. This prevents your skin from naturally renewing itself at night and can lead to acne, dullness and blackheads.

 2. Makeup can prevent normal skin function

 Imagine having a layer of something sitting on your nose or mouth, preventing you from breathing. Sounds terrible right? That's essentially what makeup does to your skin. Makeup can be seriously suffocating for the skin if not removed and cleansed thoroughly at the end of the day.

 During the day, on top of that makeup, your skin is also constantly collecting oil and dirt. When you sleep in your makeup, you are not giving your skin a chance to recover from all the stresses it undergoes during the day as a result of the free radicals present in the atmosphere. These free radicals are also responsible for additional oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can damage the body's cells and causes symptoms of ageing, such as wrinkles.

 3. You can end up with eye irritation and chapped lips

 Sleeping with eyeliner or mascara on might not lead to skin damage, but it sure can lead to problems. When you sleep with these eye makeup products on, they are likely to end up in your eyes, thus causing significant irritation.

 Similarly, sleeping with lipstick on isn't the best idea either. Many lipstick formulas contain drying or mattifying formulas, which can zap the lips of their natural moisture. These lipsticks can also cause dryness on the skin around your mouth. Instead, opt for a hydrating lip balm before going to bed.

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