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Extend The Life Of Your Makeup In 5 Ways

Jul 16, 2018
The saddest part of a well-loved beauty product is when it comes to its expiry date and needs to be chucked into the trash. 
What hurts even worse is when a tender young product passes away long before its time. When makeup isn't cared for properly, it can spoil much quicker than its expiry date. Especially when you've splurged a good chunk of your salary on it, the pain can truly be deep. Today, we're telling you how you maximise your makeup products by extending its lifespan in 5 ways.
1. Store Well
The most important thing to do when you purchase any kind of makeup is store it properly. Most commonly, that is in a cool, dry place that's away from direct sunlight. Keep liquid makeup products like foundation or liquid lipstick standing upright. Powder and gel products can be placed flat. Ensure that your makeup is kept away from moisture or humidity, which can spoil the product quicker.
2. Tighten Up
It may seem like a no-brainer but tightening the caps or lids of your makeup once you've used them is essential. If you leave them uncapped, you open up the product up to moisture, dust and bacteria will can quicken the spoilage of products and even transfer it to your face. Once you've applied it, tightly cap it and store inside.
3. Wash Away
Makeup brushes have a whole different system of caring for them as they can be as fussy as toddlers. However, a definite way to make them last longer is by washing them regularly. A simple solution of baby shampoo and oil can remove residue makeup and keep each bristle in good shape, rather than being brittle and ridden with bacteria.
4. Shake It Up
Even if you aren't using foundations or eyeliners on a daily basis, go through your makeup kit, hold the bottle securely within your palms and roll for a few seconds. Liquid products are made from numerous ingredients which separate when unused for very long. A good shake will combine the layers temporarily.
5. Freeze It
This may sound absurd to you but is frequently followed by many. The low temperature in your refrigerator can work well for certain products and prevent them from spoiling quicker by keeping them cool and of the ideal consistency. Products like nail polish, perfume and eye cream are best used 15 minutes after sticking them in the fridge.
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