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The stunning mountains in Jazan remain one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular tourist attractions.

The Philippine Department of Tourism has vowed to break the 2018 record for the number of foreign tourists visiting the country.

In all probability, you wouldn’t have considered South Korea as a tourist destination, even a few years ago. Nestled between China, North Korea and Japan, this is a country often overlooked by travellers. But this tiny peninsula has a lot more to offer, than just their world-famous cosmetics and a skincare regime sworn by women all over the globe.

Five tourists including a honeymooning couple have drowned in a single week in the Maldives, officials said, prompting a nationwide safety warning to holiday resorts in the pristine islands.

At the gala ceremony of Maldives Travel Awards Gala 2018 held recently, Cocoon Maldiveswon in the category of 'Leading Beach Resort'.

Those living in the UAE have been enjoying the cooler months recently, but blink and it will all soon be over to make way for Ramadan and then the summer months (speaking of which, where did 2018 go?).

As Saudi Araba unveiled its Winter at Tantora festival in the city of Al-Ula, Arab News exclusively acquired a list of prominent Lebanese politicians, media moguls, celebrities and religious figures who have been invited.

With Christmas around the corner, the whole world is getting decked up in lights and colours. Right from Disney-themed light settings in Singapore’s iconic shopping centres to the skyscrapers along Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, these places are ready to enchant its visitors.

After a two-hour drive from Dubai, crossing the border at Dibba into Musandam, Oman, we found ourselves, alone, surrounded by mountainous rocks only made visible by the full moon. The headlights of the car showed a long stretch of endless rough road ahead to us, and no sign of the highly exclusive, luxury resort to which we were headed.

One might wonder about those globetrotting array of locations in the latest blockbuster movies. Back in the so-called Golden Age of Hollywood, starting with the first talkies in 1927 until about 1960, Hollywood directors didn’t tend to go so far afield when selecting locations.


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