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Women who have more sex can develop better memory Women who have more sex can develop better memory

Women who have more sex can develop better memory

Feb 07, 2018

Apart from the sheer pleasure derived from intercourse and the scope for exploration, the benefits of sex for the body and mind make it an activity which one can never get enough of, since more sex contributes by adding to many other things other than confidence and freedom from stress.

The latest revelation regarding sex is good news for women, as having more sex means better memory for women, hence giving more reasons for women to go for it.
A research found that penile-vaginal sexual intercourse increases the ability to remember abstract words for women’s brains.
The study finds a link between sex and the hippocampus, which is a part of the brain that controls memory and emotions.
It involved 78 women under 30 who were shown abstract words and human faces, and found that those who had sex frequently were able to remember abstract words better, although it had no effect on ability to recall faces.
While it’s possible that the easing of stress and depression during sex aides better functioning of the brain, researchers also indicated that chemicals signalling reward to the mind for achieving orgasm, are also tied to memory as much as sexual activity.

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