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Pauline Vellaichamy Pauline Vellaichamy

Planning - As Adam & Eve by Pauline Vellaichamy

Nov 08, 2016

A glimpse into the power issues aside, Adam and Eve have a very complex and supposedly evolved relationship with each other.

The power issues clearly decide the method and course of interactions and the exchange processes themselves fall into species/specimen preserving boxes. 

Here I am tempted to illustrate with the most basic interaction determining both species/specimen survival: the reproductive interaction. Adam is wired to respond positively to all indications of "readiness to be impregnated" and Eve has learnt to use this little forum of interaction to exchange power with Adam! Therefore, every act of sexual union is based on some form of exchange, however subliminal. Of course, all things taken care of, this exchange becomes a mutually pleasurable interaction and not a forum for exchange of power!
As to "readiness to be impregnated", Adam does have a tendency to read the signals wrong often and Eve has the tendency to play it too close to the edge and crying "rape" when the power game goes wrong! 
Planning is naturally orientated toward finding an equitable position between an Adam and an Eve and their progeny so that the species survives: Adam shall be thus and perform at such and such; Eve shall be thus and perform at other complementary such and such. 
Quite simple really. Not so in practice. 
Every act of planning requires a certain amount of environmental knowledge and information. The less impacted a plan is by environmental factors, the more successful it is. Successful planning is probably a matter of better understanding of environmental factors or better control over such factors.

Eve has a tendency to notice the good planners among the Adams, unfortunately for Adam, she also has an intuitive, subconscious process going on in her head that recognises that one Adam whom she thinks has a better grip on environmental factors!
Eve has a strong urge to tolerate the best provider and strongest protector. Every little Eve is socialised into recognising her own space and value in the system of communal life and matching it to the best deal that will allow for survival as a specimen and a species. 
In plainspeak, just as Adam has an "urge to merge" every time he reads real or imagined signals of readiness from Eve, Eve too has a weakness for the Bigger, Better Deal! As planners in a real world, they can get knocked about a bit before they learn to work with their reality!!
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