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High Protein Diet: 5 Protein And Fibre-Rich Dal Recipes You Can Try High Protein Diet: 5 Protein And Fibre-Rich Dal Recipes You Can Try

High Protein Diet: 5 Protein And Fibre-Rich Dal Recipes You Can Try

Apr 20, 2019

Almost every kind of weight loss diet would advise you to have enough protein. In addition to building muscles, protein helps promote satiety. If you are feeling full, you are much less likely to binge on other fattening foods around you. Protein also plays a crucial role in regulating hunger hormone ghrelin. When your ghrelin levels are under check, you tend to crave less. Vegetarians often struggle to find enough protein-based sources. But Indian cuisine is filled with plant-based foods that are not only enriched with protein but can also be used in a bevy of dishes. Dal, or lentil, is one such versatile ingredient that is bursting with protein and weight-loss friendly fibres.

Here's All That You Can Prepare With Dal In Your High Protein Diet:

India's favourite comfort food khichdi could prove to be your ideal protein-fix too. This special khichdi is packed with the goodness of dal, spinach, rice, red chilli, curry leaves and a pool of rustic spices. Make sure you have it piping hot. You can team it with tangy chutney or spicy pickle and papad for best experience. 

2. Moong Dal Chilla

The yummy desi breakfast staple is a storehouse of protein too. Moong dal is said to be the most enriched in protein, as compared to other dals. Did you know that 100 grams of moong dal has about 24 grams of protein? Chilla is a pancake like dish that is enjoyed standalone or with pickle. To make sure you chilla is more weight-loss friendly, make sure you keep the oil content low. 

3. Dal Shorba

Dal shorba is a yummy dal-based soup that is an intrinsic part of any quintessential North Indian spread. Shorba is usually very filling. And since the water content of the dish is so high, you end up saving many calories too. 

4. Lentil Coconut Curry

A simple and soothing curry made with the goodness of tur dal, coconut milk and aromatic spices is so deliciously mild and protein-rich that you can have this dal on a daily basis. You can team it with piping hot rice for best experience. 

5. Channa Dal Dhokla

Dhokla is said to be one of the healthiest Indian snacks. Since it is not deep fried, dhokla saves you many calories that come with deep fried goods. It is made of fermented batter. Fermentation increases the bio-availability of all nutrients present in the food. According to experts, fermented foods are also good for the gut. This fluffy dhokla is made with the goodness of chana dal and tempered with mustard seeds and chilli.



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